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TAXES/Charges: The winning entrant will be exclusively accountable for any and all sorts of taxes, including property transfer taxes, lawyer’s charges or charges of any sort enforced upon or arising from a effective participation within this essay contest. When the champion will not accept the prize property in writing, then your First Runner-Up becomes accountable for all above mentioned taxes and charges. If the First Runner-Up refuse the prize property on paper, then your Second Runner-Up shall become responsible for those above mentioned taxes and charges.

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DESCRIPTION OF PRIZE PROPERTY: The proprietors is going to be presenting the champion using the Certificate of Title. If and just if 7000 records are received the champion may also get a look for $100,000 US. There aren’t any liens nor taxes nor mortgages due around the property. Excluded is personal property and then any food or liquor. The champion will get only the quantity of fuels (oil and lp) left within the tanks. The qualities happen to be evaluated having a listing worth of $1,500,000 US, however, no representation is created through the sponsors this value or any value is actually a good Market Price. This rentals are on the town Map as 018 A 79.